Host Venue

Registration: Songjiang New Century Grand Hotel Shanghai(上海开元名都酒店)

Conference takes place in Convention and Information Center, Donghua University 东华大学松江校区图文信息大楼

Click HERE to go download the detailed Direction and MAP of Convention and Information Center, Donghua University 东华大学松江校区图文信息大楼.

Donghua University

Located in Shanghai, Donghua University is composed of the Yan’an Road Campus at the downtown area and the Songjiang Campus at the historical cradle of the city. Donghua University was approved as the state-key university in 1960 and it is one of 72 universities that directly under the Ministry of Education of China. Donghua University is composed of School of Textile, Fashion, Humanities, Business and Management, Foreign Languages, Mechanical Engineering, Science, Information Science & Technology, Computer Science & Technology, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology, Environmental Science and Engineering, Material Science and Engineering, etc

Donghua University values international cooperation and exchanges. It has established cooperation with more than 100 famous universities, research centers and enterprises all over the world. Since 1995, it successfully hosted the International Fashion Forum during the Shanghai International Fashion Culture Festival. Apart from the 83th World Textile Conference, Donghua University has held many high-leveled international academic conferences such as International Academic Forum for PhD Students on Textile Science & Engineering, the 25th International Data Engineering Conference, 2009 American Fiber Society Conference, and International Conference on Environmental Science & Technology, etc.